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License plate dress-up kit for the 2005-Up Jeep Cherokee WK1/Wk2.

The following comes with the kit:

-2 Bolts
-2 Washers

Fitment for: 2005 to current model LX.

1st gen these locations are very exposed. 2nd and 3rd gen is not as prominent.

The West Coast Fasteners BT Coil Pack Cover dress kit replaces the standard hex head bolts, with upgraded washers and bolts!

The dress kit comes with the following:

-4 Bolts (16 Bolts for the Full Kit)
-4 Washers (16 Washers for the Full Kit)

This dress kit is for Hemi equipped vehicles.
Do you have the Billet Technology UniStruts and would like to add a little personal touch? West Coast Fasteners has an anodized washer upgrade in the following colors:

Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, and Orange

The following is included in the dress kit:

-6 Aluminum Washers (Only 3 are needed for Hellcats)*

*To complete the Hellcat look, West Coast Fasteners recommends the Coolant Tank Secondary Reservoir kit that contains 3 Titanium Nuts and 3 Washers.

These are an often overlooked piece considering they stick out like a sore thumb! These black bolts are located right next to the valve cover bolts at the top (front and rear).

The following is included:

-4 Bolts
-4 Washers

Picture shows the front passenger side head bolt and BT z-Bracket bolt being upgraded with West Coast Fasteners hardware.

Upgrade your factory strut shock tower / Strut bar nuts in style with these Grade 5 titanium pieces! Titanium is 3.5 times stronger and approximately half the weight of steel.

The following comes with this dress kit:

-6 Nuts
-6 Custom Fit washers (Optional)

West Coast Fasteners is always working to perfect design. Rather than make a band aid solution, we aren't afraid for customers to remove the hideous set screws that come from the factory and replace them with beautiful bolts and washers.

The kit covers the following:

  1. Water Pump: 4 bolts and washers (Set Screw has to be removed to install 1 Bolts and washer)
  2. Timing Cover: 1 bolt and washer (The set screw above the water pump must be removed to use)***

This West Coast Fasteners dress kit covers the following:

-5.7 Manifold Bolts w/ Washers
-6.1 Manifold Bolts w/ Washers
-6.4 Manifold Bolts w/ Washers

The coil pack kit comes with the following:

16 Stainless Bolts
16 Washers

The Billet Technology Coil Pack cover dress kit comes with the following:

4 Bolts
4 Washers

West Coast Fasteners steps it up once again not only by offering the "Max Taper" washers.

This valve cover kit comes with the following:

  1. 20 Bolts
  2. 20 Washers

It is recommended for OEM Valve cover owners to reuse the factory rubber and metal gaskets. BT valve covers you can run the kit as is.

The optional Allen key is provided just as an aid during install. A torque wrench is recommended for final tightening with factory torque specs.