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Bluetooth Adapter w/ Built-in Amplifier Bluetooth Adapter w/ Built-in Amplifier

A rechargeable Bluetooth Adapter with a built-in amplifier that outperforms the traditional hardwire solutions and many of the adapters found in the marketplace! The unit also has a power switch if you would like retain a charge or not drain your battery

A true PNP Bluetooth solution, for your AAI-CHY, or ISimple Aux input. The Pac-Audio AAI-CHY Aux input must be installed or your radio must be a MyGig version with an existing auxiliary (aux) input. The *w/ Power Supply version is a simple 3-wire hookup.


-w/o Power Supply: BT Adapter Comes with Micro USB charging cable and an audio cable.
-w/ Power Supply: BT Adapter comes with Power Supply connection ready to be tapped into a power source and an audio cable.

[For 2005-2008 Generation 1 LX]:

A Pac-Audio AAI-CHY, Peripheral CHYX, or ISimple ISCH73 Aux input must be installed. With either of these, you will have a PNP aux input into your REC GEN1, pre-MyGig radio. If there is a Pac-Audio, or ISimple aux solution for the MyGig Nav and non-Nav radios
this may work, too.

[Installation time]:

-w/o Power Supply version takes approximately 1 minute to install. Simply plug the 3.5 mm headphone/audio cable in from the BT Adapter directly to your aux input and sync the BT device to your phone (make sure the adapter is charged).
-w/ Power Supply version takes approximately 10 minutes to install. Tap Power wire of choice, tap ground wire of choice, and connect 3.5 mm audio cable to aux input.

This is a far superior solution than the FM modulators on the market. Much less static, no need to keep changing stations, etc.

~100 feet (30 meters) range, from the transmitting device.

Our Price: $35.00