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Chrysler 300 (2005-Current)
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Titanium Lug Nuts Dodge Chrysler 300 (2005-Current) Titanium Lug Nuts Dodge Chrysler 300 (2005-Current)

As many LX owners know, options are limited for our specific niche market and the same theme holds true for Titanium Lug Nuts for the Mopar crowd. However, West Coast Fasteners does have a solution which also includes heat treatment color options!

Titanium Mopar Closed Ended Lug Nuts

Weight per bolt = .078 lbs
Set Weight = 1.56 lbs
Thread: M14x1.5
Seat: Conical
Head: 19mm hex
Lug Nut Length: 1.8"
Quantity: 20

[Security Upgrade Available]
The security set includes the following:

-16 Titanium Lug nuts
-4 Titanium Security Lug nuts
-1 Titanium Security Socket.

Our Price: $975.00