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1st Gen LX Black Visors and Optional Support Clamps (1 Pair) 1st Gen LX Black Visors and Optional Support Clamps (1 Pair)

This is a Visor with Support Clip option for 1st Gen LX applications that want to swap to black interior.

[The following comes with your purchase depending on options chosen]:

Option 1) 1 Pair of used Black Window Visors ONLY;*
Option 2) 1 Pair of used Black Window Visors w/ Black Support Clips and custom hardware to make the clips work; or*
Option 3) 1 Pair of Black Support Clips with custom hardware ONLY (No Window Visors).*

*The condition of the item received may vary from the product photos. Visors may or may not include harness plugs. You need to purchase the entire package if you want all of the plastics on the window visors and Support Clips to match.

The main product photo is of the window visors only. Please view other photos for reference of options. The plastic hinges/guides on the visors do slightly rub the 1st Gen Headliner and may need slight modification or will sit at a slight angle due to fitment.

1st Gen LX Black Overhead Console 1st Gen LX Black Overhead Console

The following is included:

1 Used Black Overhead Console for 1st Gen LX Owners. This item replaces the TAN colored unit.

*Main Picture shown does not have the option of Homelink Buttons. Condition of actual item may vary from the main photo.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

The Oil Drain plug has a magnet to collect debris from your engine oil. Simply clean off the magnet and reinstall during each oil change.

Common Fitment for the following sizes:
-M12x1.5mm (Honda/ Mazda/ Mitsubishi)*
-M14 X1.5mm (Acura/ Chrysler/ Dodge/ Ford/ Honda /Hyundai/ Izuzu/ Jeep/ Kia/ Mazda/ Mitsubishi)*
-M16x1.5mm (Subaru)*

*Please make sure to check your thread pitch before purchase

Comes with the following:
-Magnetic Bolt/Plug

Our Price: $7.99
LX Positive Terminal Cover with Titanium Nut Option LX Positive Terminal Cover with Titanium Nut Option

Has your battery terminal cover cap break on you leaving a huge eye sore? You can now replace it with this terminal cover that comes pre-trimmed to fit 1st Gen LX's (2005-2010)***, or if uncut will fit 2nd and 3rd gens as well (2006-current).

West Coast Fasteners takes it a step further and we offer a titanium nut option to replace the aged looking OEM piece.

***The positive terminal cover itself is not offered by Dodge as a direct replacement for 1st gens. We have been told that Dodge sells the entire terminal cover as a complete set with the harness as well as the actual positive terminal post that is either discontinued or costs so much that dealers started offering this solution as an economical option.

There will be a slight difference in the overall fit and finish, but once trimmed it will work for 1st gen LX's.
The cover may require minor shifting or use of a washer may be necessary.

Our Price: $14.99
Jeep WK1 Reservoir Covers (Power Steering, Brake Fluid, AC Condensor) Jeep WK1 Reservoir Covers (Power Steering, Brake Fluid, AC Condensor)

Do you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 and tired of looking at the white stock color of the power steering reservoir, brake fluid reservoir, and AC condenser? West Coast Fasteners has a simple solution to your problems.

[The following items are included]:

-Power Steering Reservoir Cover
-Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover
-AC Condenser Cover
*Actual reservoirs are not included nor the engine, Jeep, or modifications outside of what is listed above.

Our Price: $19.00
Brembo Caliper Titanium Bleed Nipple (Screw Only) Bleeder Brembo Caliper Titanium Bleed Nipple (Screw Only) Bleeder

These screws are the ultimate upgrade while either flushing your brake fluid, rebuilding your calipers, or refinishing them with a fresh coat of powdercoat! This Ti Bleed Nipple Screw fits most brembo brakes. For your reference they measure as follows:

-M10-1.00 mm and has an overall length of approximately 29 mm.

The following comes with this part:
-Quantiy 1 Caliper Titanium Nipple Screw (Most vehicles require Quantity 8 for a complete set).

Titanium Burnt Bolt Color Guide:

-Burnt Classic (Traditional style burn with half of the head burnt)
-Burnt Gold (Top of head is full gold)
-Burnt Blue (Top of head is full blue)
-Burnt Purple (Top of head is full purple)
-Burnt Gunmetal (Top of head is full gunmetal)

What is a WCF Proof Card?

-West Coast Fasteners Proof Cards are hand signed and stamped Certification cards authenticating your rare hardware purchase. Proof Cards can only be purchased upon checkout, so add it now. What better way is there than to encapsulate your masterpiece by separating yourself from the rest with authentication and certification?

The following items are covered in WCF Proof Cards:

-Production Date
-Bolt Finish / Bolt Type
-Notes if any
-Authenticity Stamp
-Protective Sleeve or Plastic Hard Case (5mm thick)

Our Price: $20.99
LX Front Windshield Cowl "Pie" Panel LX Front Windshield Cowl "Pie" Panel

Dodge/Chrysler for some reason decided to not include the "pie" shaped panel that covers the PCM that completes the Front Windshield Cowl like most 2005-2007 (early models) on Late Model 2007-Current LX's.

Our Price: $55.00
Jeep WK1 Radiator Shroud Extension / Light Covers Jeep WK1 Radiator Shroud Extension / Light Covers

2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 WK1 Jeep Grand Cherokees did not come with these covers from the factory leaving the shroud engine bay area to appear incomplete.  These covers come in a pair (Left and Right) and attach to the headlights with pre-installed tabs that finish off the front shroud.

Our Price: $99.00