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Slim Wifi Dash Cam 1080p w/ External Memory (Charger "Delete" Option) Slim Wifi Dash Cam 1080p w/ External Memory (Charger "Delete" Option)

Slim WiFi Dash Cam 1080p w/ External Memory! The dash cam is equipped with a Sony IMX323 image sensor that provides an extremely high quality recording. The dash cam generates a WiFi connection to connect to your cell phone and also has a g-sensor and loop-cycle recording. Its extremely slim design (Only ~3.65 inch length x ~1.25 inch across) makes the dash cam extremely discrete and offers you a comfortable, safe, and worry-free driving experience. The camera utilizes H.264 photography compression technology through a 1080p full high definition lens, with a vision angle of 130 degrees and an adjustable cradle for peak view and performance.

Exclusively included items through West Coast Fasteners.

-Dash Cam (Only 3.65 inch length x 1.25 inch height).
-Car Charger adapter.
-Micro USB power cable.
-32 gb or 64 gb Extreme Weather Memory Card (-13 degrees F to 149 degrees F).
-Manual (Downloadable).
-Voltage/Timer Adapter w/ mini Fuse Tap* (optional).
-Charger Wire Tuck (optional)
* Recommended for hardwire setups that want the camera running at all times. Does not require splicing of factory wiring. Mini Fuse Taps work for most modern vehicles , but double check if your interior/Under steering wheel fuses use something else and adjust accordingly. The Voltage/Timer Adapter also allows the charging cable through the cigarette lighter to be tucked away essentially deleting it from view.

Main Functions:
-Records up to ~6 hours of video in 1-minute intervals (add 30 seconds in an event of a collision)
-Still photos (camera mode)
-G-sensor (Senses accidents/collisions and auto saves the recording and adds 30 seconds to the video)
-Communication between cell phone APP and Dash Cam to push updates and manage recordings and photos

Voice Recognition:
-"Take a Picture;"
-"Record Video;" and
-"Record with/without sound."

Main Features:

-130 degrees Vision Angle for a WIDE range of recording
-1920 x 1080p HD resolution
-1/2.9 inch light-sensitive components captures clear images during night
-SONY IMX323 image sensor built-in camera
-Mock WiFi connection allows you to watch videos in real-time and share the videos or still shot photos
-Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos
-High-temp resistant adhesive on windshield mount
-Car charger and micro USB power cable for cigarette lighter/power port connection
-APP compatibility with Android (4.4 and higher) and iOS (8.0 and higher) in English
-Rotatable cradle allows flexibility in recording angles
-Slim modern appearance
-Can withstand temperatures of approximately -4 Degrees F to 140 degrees F

*Additional features for Hardwire Kit users.

-Hardwire kit supplies power to your dash cam while the vehicle is turned off while protecting your battery.
-Hardwire kit allows the configuration of both voltage and timer (6 hours, 12 hours, 24, etc. or infinite) cutoff parameters.
-Allows the charging cable/cigarette lighter setup to be hidden and essentially deleted from view.

Our Price: $139.00